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Blakes 7 ► Saison 4

La saison 4 de Blakes 7 est composée de 13 épisodes. La saison 4 est la dernière saison connue à ce jour de la série télé Blakes 7. Le dernier épisode de la saison n'a pas encore été diffusé donc jusqu'à preuve du contraire, la série continuera.

  • Blakes 7 4x01 ● Rescue

    Rescue ● Blakes 7 saison 4 épisode 1

    Stranded on Terminal, both the base and Servalan's ship are booby trapped, and explode, killing Cally, and damaging Orac. A mysterious stranger, Dorian, and his glamourous sidekick, Soolin, arrive on Terminal, seemingly friendly, and rescue the crew …

  • Blakes 7 4x02 ● Power

    Power ● Blakes 7 saison 4 épisode 2

    The crew need to get to Scorpio to get supplies, but can't penetrate the door to the launch hatch. It will only open to Dorian's voice. Worse still, if he doesn't reset the lock every 48 hours, it will trigger an explosion that will destroy the base.…

  • Blakes 7 4x03 ● Traitor

    Traitor ● Blakes 7 saison 4 épisode 3

    Avon is alarmed at the speed of the Federation's spread across a nearby star system, with apparently little resistance. The reason is a pacification drug called Pylene-50, and the crew decide to go to Helotrix (enmeshed in a civil war) to recover the…

  • Blakes 7 4x04 ● Stardrive

    Stardrive ● Blakes 7 saison 4 épisode 4

    Having got a new ship, a base, and a new teleport system, the rebels now need the engine to give them the edge that the Liberator had in terms of speed. Dayna discovers a mystery explosion, which Orac reveals was caused by a one-man-ship travelling a…

  • Blakes 7 4x05 ● Animals
  • Blakes 7 4x06 ● Headhunter
  • Blakes 7 4x07 ● Assassin

    Assassin ● Blakes 7 saison 4 épisode 7

    The crew intercept a mysterious transmission in which Servalan is hiring the services of a professional assassin to dispose of the crew of the Scorpio. Even Avon is depressed since the assassin has never been known to fail in a mission.

  • Blakes 7 4x08 ● Games

    Games ● Blakes 7 saison 4 épisode 8

    The crew become involved in a series of deadly games...

  • Blakes 7 4x09 ● Sand

    Sand ● Blakes 7 saison 4 épisode 9

    Tarrant and Servalan are trapped together on a planet covered in semi-intelligent man-eating sand. Unfortunately, they both survive.

  • Blakes 7 4x10 ● Gold

    Gold ● Blakes 7 saison 4 épisode 10

    When Keiller, the purser of the cruise ship Space Princess, makes Scorpio's crew a lucrative offer, Avon is loath to refuse. After all, who could resist the temptation to hijack 17 billion in gold, especially if it belongs to Servalan!

  • Blakes 7 4x11 ● Orbit

    Orbit ● Blakes 7 saison 4 épisode 11

    A scientist who disappeared many years ago offers a revolutionary new device, the tachyon funnel for sale to the highest bidder. Avon and Servelan (aka Commander Slear) are the prime bidders, but what is the dark secret about the technology?

  • Blakes 7 4x12 ● Warlord

    Warlord ● Blakes 7 saison 4 épisode 12

    Avon tries to construct an alliance against the Federation from amongst the worlds not yet conquered. At first all seems to be going well, until it becomes apparant that one the leaders is a traitor and has released a deadly toxin inside the base.

  • Blakes 7 4x13 ● Blake

    Blake ● Blakes 7 saison 4 épisode 13

    Orac becomes convinced that Blake is now on Gouda Prime, Soolin's homeworld. The crew head there but Scorpio is shot down by the planetary defense force and crash lands in a forest. Blake is indeed there, but is he merely the bait in a Federation tra…

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