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Blakes 7 ► Saison 1

La saison 1 de Blakes 7 est composée de 13 épisodes. La saison 1 n'est pas la dernière saison de la série télé Blakes 7 qui est composée de 4 saisons.

  • Blakes 7 1x01 ● The Way Back

    The Way Back ● Blakes 7 saison 1 épisode 1

    Seeking information about his family, Roj Blake accompanies a couple of activists out of the dome city. Once outside he meets a man who appears to know him, who tells Blake that he was once the leader of a powerful underground faction but was capture…

  • Blakes 7 1x02 ● Space Fall

    Space Fall ● Blakes 7 saison 1 épisode 2

    The departure of the prison ship London is brought forward to ensure that Blake does not receive a reprieve, and the long journey to the prison planet Cygnus Alpha starts. Here Blake, with the aid of other prisoners including Vila Restal, Jenna Sta…

  • Blakes 7 1x03 ● Cygnus Alpha

    Cygnus Alpha ● Blakes 7 saison 1 épisode 3

    Blake uses the Liberator to trail the London to the prison planet Cygnus Alpha. Avon discovers that the Liberator is equipped with a teleport device, so Blake is able to teleport down to the planet. Once there, he discovers that the inhabitants of Cy…

  • Blakes 7 1x04 ● Time Squad

    Time Squad ● Blakes 7 saison 1 épisode 4

    The Liberator encounters a small slow space craft which contains a cryogenically frozen crew. They take the ship inside the hold and start the lengthy process to defrost the crew. Meanwhile, Blake and Avon go to meet some resistance fighters and hope…

  • Blakes 7 1x05 ● The Web

    The Web ● Blakes 7 saison 1 épisode 5

    The Liberator starts to accelerate unexpectedly, and loses all forward sensors. The crew eventually bring the Liberator back under control, and find themselves in an unexplored area of space infested with a cobweb like material which cocoons the Libe…

  • Blakes 7 1x06 ● Seek-Locate-Destroy

    Seek-Locate-Destroy ● Blakes 7 saison 1 épisode 6

    The Liberator arrives at Kentero, a planet hosting a strategic Federation Communications Centre. Blake, Vila, Gan, Avon and Cally break in, and steal the vital Cypher machine that will enable them to read all the Federation's messages. They sabotage …

  • Blakes 7 1x07 ● Mission to Destiny

    Mission to Destiny ● Blakes 7 saison 1 épisode 7

    Finding an old Galaxy-class transport ship in a circular holding pattern in deep space, Blake, Avon and Cally teleport over to investigate. They find a drugged crew, a murdered pilot and evidence of sabotage. The crew were transporting a cylinder con…

  • Blakes 7 1x08 ● Duel

    Duel ● Blakes 7 saison 1 épisode 8

    Travis' forces ensnare the Liberator in a lethal trap in orbit around a remote and unknown planet. However, at the moment the attack is launched, the inhabitants of the planet freeze time and abduct Blake and Jenna, Travis and one of his Mutoid crew,…

  • Blakes 7 1x09 ● Project Avalon

    Project Avalon ● Blakes 7 saison 1 épisode 9

    Blake and the crew head toward a Federation planet with an active resistance unit, headed by the mysterious Avalon. Unfortunately, Travis and his Mutoid crew arrive first, and ambush a resistance meeting, killing most of the activists and capturing A…

  • Blakes 7 1x10 ● Breakdown

    Breakdown ● Blakes 7 saison 1 épisode 10

    Gan's aggression limiter malfunctions, placing his life in jeopardy. The only source of the replacement parts, and medical expertise, needed to save Gan is a Federation-aligned medical and weapons research centre. The crew must persuade the researche…

  • Blakes 7 1x11 ● Bounty

    Bounty ● Blakes 7 saison 1 épisode 11

    The crew land on the planet Lindor, where a deposed leader has been held in exile. Blake and Cally ask him to return to his people. Meanwhile, a ship in distress is helped by the Liberator, only to encounter a group of bounty hunters who seek to turn…

  • Blakes 7 1x12 ● Deliverance

    Deliverance ● Blakes 7 saison 1 épisode 12

    When a small shuttle craft is wracked by an explosion after leaving a Federation base, the crew of the Liberator rescue a survivor, who begs them to fly to a distant planet where his father is dying because the batteries in his cardiac-support device…

  • Blakes 7 1x13 ● Orac

    Orac ● Blakes 7 saison 1 épisode 13

    Blake and his group decide Orac could swing the balance of power for or against them, and decide they must have it. They seek out the reclusive computer genius who has invented the portable supercomputer called Orac, with the Federation in hot pursui…

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