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Blakes 7 ► Saison 2

La saison 2 de Blakes 7 est composée de 13 épisodes. La saison 2 n'est pas la dernière saison de la série télé Blakes 7 qui est composée de 4 saisons.

  • Blakes 7 2x01 ● Redemption

    Redemption ● Blakes 7 saison 2 épisode 1

    Blake is troubled by Orac's prediction of the destruction of the Liberator and rewatches the explosion time and time again. Eventually, Avon points out that the starfield is unique and they can work out where it is. They soon find themselves under at…

  • Blakes 7 2x02 ● Shadow

    Shadow ● Blakes 7 saison 2 épisode 2

    The crew decide to investigate a deadly drug that is being circulated on many worlds called Shadow. Cally suffers from a mysterious ailment which appears to be linked in some way to the drug. They find evidence of a major crime syndicate and soon dis…

  • Blakes 7 2x03 ● Weapon

    Weapon ● Blakes 7 saison 2 épisode 3

    Blake finds out that the Federation are developing a new deadly weapon that can attack the DNA of a given person. He tries to infiltrate the research station where it is being developed and capture it.

  • Blakes 7 2x04 ● Horizon

    Horizon ● Blakes 7 saison 2 épisode 4

    Horizon is a small planet on the very edge of the known Galaxy that has become a puppet government for the Federation who are mining a valuable mineral there. The extensive security grid leads to each of the parties that go down from the liberator be…

  • Blakes 7 2x05 ● Pressure Point

    Pressure Point ● Blakes 7 saison 2 épisode 5

    Gan dies when Blake's plan to attack the Federation's main computer centre turns out to be a trap placed for them by Servalan.

  • Blakes 7 2x06 ● Trial

    Trial ● Blakes 7 saison 2 épisode 6

    Travis is placed on trial for crimes against the Federation (namely the mass murder of civilians, during a planetary attack). He is found guilty and sentenced to death --- but an attack by the Liberator causes enough confusion to allow him to escape.…

  • Blakes 7 2x07 ● Killer

    Killer ● Blakes 7 saison 2 épisode 7

    The Liberator encounters an ancient Earth ship drifting in deep space. Cally senses something evil on it. So when Federation scientists on the planet Fosforon decide to bring the ship down to the ground, Blake anonymously sends them a message urging …

  • Blakes 7 2x08 ● Hostage

    Hostage ● Blakes 7 saison 2 épisode 8

    Blake recieves a distress call - summoning him to his adoptive homeworld. Once there he meets his old mentor, and discovers that his beloved cousin has been kidnapped by Travis, and is being used as bait to gain control of the Liberator.

  • Blakes 7 2x09 ● Countdown

    Countdown ● Blakes 7 saison 2 épisode 9

    A blast from the past for Avon. The brother of the woman he loved seeks revenge for her death - but he and Avon must put aside their emnity and work together to save a world from a poisonous time bomb!

  • Blakes 7 2x10 ● Voice From The Past

    Voice From The Past ● Blakes 7 saison 2 épisode 10

    Blake appears to have broken down. Someone, or something, seems to be manipulating Blake, using the Federation's brain-washing to make Blake and his crew go to Asteroid PK118. When Blake discovers he has been summoned by high ranking resistance sympa…

  • Blakes 7 2x11 ● Gambit

    Gambit ● Blakes 7 saison 2 épisode 11

    Searching for information on STAR ONE - Blake, Genna. and Cally teleport to a 'Free' Gambling world in search of a renegade Federation surgeon (unaware that he is the same doctor who gave Travis his prosthetic arm, and that Travis has also tracked hi…

  • Blakes 7 2x12 ● The Keeper

    The Keeper ● Blakes 7 saison 2 épisode 12

    The crew attempt to track down the location of the Federation's main computer centre, Star One. The location has always been a closely guarded secret and people assigned there have agreed never to return - to spend the rest of their lives tending Sta…

  • Blakes 7 2x13 ● Star One

    Star One ● Blakes 7 saison 2 épisode 13

    Upon finally reaching Star One, they discover that Travis is aiding an alien invasion from the Andromeda galaxy by dismantling the barrier maintained by Star One. Now instead of destroying it, they repair the damage Travis has done, warn the Federa…

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