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Sonic X ► Saison 2

La saison 2 de Sonic X est composée de 26 épisodes. La saison 2 a été diffusée entre le 18 septembre 2004 et le 26 mars 2005 soit pendant 189 jours. La saison 2 n'est pas la dernière saison de la série animée Sonic X qui est composée de 3 saisons.

  • Sonic X 2x01 ● Le commencement du désastre
    18 septembre 2004

    Le commencement du désastre ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 1

    What has happened? Two huge islands formed on the shores of Station Square, one of them being Angel Island, which is falling! Chaos Control apparently brought Sonic's world to Station Square, leaving Chris happy but Eggman to formulate a way to des…

  • Sonic X 2x02 ● L'apparition du Chaos
    25 septembre 2004

    L'apparition du Chaos ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 2

    After a brief discussion with Chuck,Sonic & Tails search for the Chaos Emeralds, Knuckles searches for the pieces of the Master Emerald, and Big & Chris search for Froggy. Knuckles gets an image from the past. Sonic & Tails encounters Eggman & Chaos,…

  • Sonic X 2x03 ● La capture d'Amy
    2 octobre 2004

    La capture d'Amy ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 3

    After Amy's kidnapping, Sonic & Tails head off in the X Tornado to rescue her. Meanwhile, Knuckles gains most of the Master Emerald pieces and gets another vision of the past. After the vision, Knuckles puts the pieces on the altar and discovers the …

  • Sonic X 2x04 ● Robotnik se surpasse
    9 octobre 2004

    Robotnik se surpasse ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 4

    It's a battle on the Egg Carrier. Knuckles tries to get the last peices of the master emerald, Big and Chris need to get Froggy, and Sonic and Tails need to get Eggman. But when Chaos turns into Chaos 6 and captures Froggy, Big ,and Chris, It's up to…

  • Sonic X 2x05 ● Un bon robot
    16 octobre 2004

    Un bon robot ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 5

    After the missle attack was prevented, E-102 Gamma deletes master obedience data and heads off. Meanwhile, Amy sets of to find Lilly's brothers. Then, Sonic explores an ancient temple and gets a vision of the past. Then, he fights the Egg viper. …

  • Sonic X 2x06 ● Le Chaos Total
    23 octobre 2004

    Le Chaos Total ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 6

    It's total chaos! Chaos absorbs the 7th Chaos Emerald and starts to destroy Station Square! Now with the Emeralds drained of their power, Sonic & friends must use their friendship to power the Emeralds and Sonic changes to Super Sonic! Will Sonic be …

  • Sonic X 2x07 ● Le projet Shadow
    30 octobre 2004

    Le projet Shadow ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 7

    After accidentally finding Prof. Gerald's diary, Eggman breaks into the military searching for the ""Ultimate Creature"": Shadow. Thanks to the Egg Mobile, Eggman finds the console & finds an unknown creature...

  • Sonic X 2x08 ● On recherche: Sonic
    6 novembre 2004

    On recherche: Sonic ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 8

    After Shadow steals one of the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic is blamed for the crime and finds himself on the run from the law. As he does so, he runs into Shadow, and realizes why he's suddenly become a wanted criminal, because Sonic and Shadow look very mu…

  • Sonic X 2x09 ● L'évasion de Sonic
    13 novembre 2004

    L'évasion de Sonic ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 9

    Under a new alliance, Shadow, Rouge, and Eggman carry out their latest plan. As Eggman launches an attack on Prison Island, Rouge breaks in to steal three Chaos Emeralds, and Shadow sneaks in to plant a bomb which will destroy the island. As Chris a…

  • Sonic X 2x10 ● La menace de l'espace
    20 novembre 2004

    La menace de l'espace ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 10

    Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Amy manage to break into Eggman's base, undetected. At least they THINK they've entered undetected. Bokkun finds them & calls on the Egg Golem! They board the space shuttle, but their adventure has just begun...

  • Sonic X 2x11 ● Combat sur l'Arche
    27 novembre 2004

    Combat sur l'Arche ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 11

    Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Tanaka have arrived at the ARK, but when Robotnik, Rouge and Shadow programme the ARK on a path to oblivion, it's Sonic The Hedgehog to the rescue in outer space!

  • Sonic X 2x12 ● Le voeu de Maria
    4 décembre 2004

    Le voeu de Maria ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 12

    As the clock ticks for Space Colony Arc's crash, Sonic, Eggman, Bokkun, Dekkun, Knuckles, Tails, and Rouge try to get the Master Emerald to the power source, The Chaos emeralds. Meanwhile, Shadow is faced by Chris, who reminds him of Maria's Wish, to…

  • Sonic X 2x13 ● Les nouveaux arrivants
    11 décembre 2004

    Les nouveaux arrivants ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 13

    The Chaotix Detectives made up of Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Charmy the Bee have arrived in Station Square. Their goal is to find Cream for a specific reason, even when they think Sonic stole her. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman rebuilds ha…

  • Sonic X 2x14 ● Une affaire juteuse
    18 décembre 2004

    Une affaire juteuse ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 14

    When an eclipse from the newly-repaired moon blocks the sun, Station Square faces a risk of panic. Eggman steps in and creates an artificial sunlight orb to provide light through out the city. It seems like Eggman is truly doing some good. Unfortunat…

  • Sonic X 2x15 ● Que la lumière soit...
    22 janvier 2005

    Que la lumière soit... ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 15

    After the success of the sunshine balls, Eggman then tries to execute the rest of his plan. Sonic explains how Eggman eggmoon is moving to block, meaning Eggman set up the eggmoon as part of his master plan. Eggman then captures the president, and as…

  • Sonic X 2x16 ● Un beau lapin
    29 janvier 2005

    Un beau lapin ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 16

    Sonic is supposed to have a date with Amy, but he doesn't show up. So instead, she has a date with Sam Speed. Meanwhile on Eggman's old island base, Bokkun finds one of Prof. Gerald Robotnik's other creations: Emerl & tries to tell him to defeat Soni…

  • Sonic X 2x17 ● La révolte des appareils ménagers
  • Sonic X 2x18 ● Mission presque impossible
    12 février 2005

    Mission presque impossible ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 18

    Stewart keeps a close eye on Eggman. Unfortunetly for him, Chris, Helen, Danny, Cream, Cheese, and Emerl stick with Stewart for the ride. When they are all captured by Eggman, they must try to find a way out, or at least figure a way to contact Sonic…

  • Sonic X 2x19 ● Un concours passionnant
    19 février 2005

    Un concours passionnant ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 19

    A tournament at a nearby stadium is being held, with a red Chaos Emerald as the prize. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Amy, Emerl, and several of their Station Square friends show up to participate in this outstanding event...

  • Sonic X 2x20 ● Le combat final
    26 février 2005

    Le combat final ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 20

    The fight tournament draws to a close with Emerl being the winner. However, Emerl starts going beserk after holding the Chaos Emerald and begins to destroy everything in his path. When Amy, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Rouge are unable to stop it, Cre…

  • Sonic X 2x21 ● Le nombril du monde
    5 mars 2005

    Le nombril du monde ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 21

    Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe hatch a plan to destroy the Equator with a giant Robot, and it's up to Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Chris, and Rouge to stop him.

  • Sonic X 2x22 ● Le continent disparu
    12 mars 2005

    Le continent disparu ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 22

    With Eggman under the Volcano Sonic, Rouge, Knuckles, Tails and Chris follow him. But is there something hidden from the world there?

  • Sonic X 2x23 ● Un coup de froid
    12 mars 2005

    Un coup de froid ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 23

    It is discovered that Earth and Mobius are merging. If they join together completely, then time will stop forever. It is decided that Sonic and co. must return home through chaos control. This upsets Chris, who runs off to confront Eggman thinking…

  • Sonic X 2x24 ● Un triste matin
    19 mars 2005

    Un triste matin ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 24

    This episode tells of what happens before Sonic & co. leave for home. Everyone is sad that they'll leave, especially Chris. There are many flashbacks to the first two episodes until they leave. Eggman, Cream, Amy, and Knuckles leave, but at the last …

  • Sonic X 2x25 ● Le voyage de Chris
    19 mars 2005

    Le voyage de Chris ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 25

    After Chris stops him from going home, Sonic goes on a long journey with Chris, who decides to run away. However, his parents want him back and they soon go looking for him. Will Nelson and Linsey find Chris or has he run away forever?

  • Sonic X 2x26 ● Souvenirs, souvenirs
    26 mars 2005

    Souvenirs, souvenirs ● Sonic X saison 2 épisode 26

    All the animals (except Sonic) are now back at their original world. Amy is having dinner with Cream and Cream's mom at their house, and Knuckles and Rouge are talking in the woods. Suddenly, Eggman hatches a plan, and Tails gets in his plane to stop…

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