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Sonic X ► Saison 3

La saison 3 de Sonic X est composée de 26 épisodes. La saison 3 a été diffusée entre le 10 septembre 2005 et le 6 mai 2006 soit pendant 238 jours. La saison 3 est la dernière saison connue à ce jour de la série animée Sonic X.

  • Sonic X 3x01 ● La messagère de l'espace
    10 septembre 2005

    La messagère de l'espace ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 1

    In the episode's opening, Super Sonic is fighting against a mysterious robot. Super Sonic is unable to defeat him and he sends the Chaos Emeralds away to avoid his opponent to take them from him. Without the Emeralds, Sonic loses his energy and he fa…

  • Sonic X 3x02 ● L'envol du Typhon
    17 septembre 2005

    L'envol du Typhon ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 2

    Chris arrives in Sonic's world as his 12-year-old self. He makes contact with everyone, but Sonic faints shortly after. Apparently, the recent battle tailed him off. Back to Cream's house, Cosmo explains the Metarex goals and the consequences of the …

  • Sonic X 3x03 ● La planète aride
    24 septembre 2005

    La planète aride ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 3

    The Blue Typhoon is now on its way to a new adventure. Knuckles thinks that a Chaos emerald is nearby due to the Master Emerald's reactions. A planet is located and according to Sonic's guidebook, this is a dry planet. However, they find out that it'…

  • Sonic X 3x04 ● Robotnik part en guerre
    1 octobre 2005

    Robotnik part en guerre ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 4

    After saving the planet in the former episode, Sonic and his friends are thanked in a feast. Dr. Eggman is watching the scene and he thinks about his next scheme to take away the Chaos emerald. Bokkun suggests a plan to Eggman, but the evil doctor do…

  • Sonic X 3x05 ● Combat au palais de glace
    8 octobre 2005

    Combat au palais de glace ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 5

    With the help of Chris' new program, the Blue Typhoon spots a Chaos Emerald on planet Freezy. Followed by Dr. Eggman's Crimson Egg, the Blue Typhoon approaches planet Freezy, but it's attacked by a Metarex and it crashes on the planet. Sonic, Chris, …

  • Sonic X 3x06 ● Piège dans la jungle
    15 octobre 2005

    Piège dans la jungle ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 6

    The Blue Typhoon detects two Metarex who just stole a Planet Egg on a jungle planet. Sonic destroys the biggest Metarex with the Power Cannon, but he is launched too hardly and he falls straight to the planet. He crashes on Dr. Eggman, who is already…

  • Sonic X 3x07 ● Un détective dans l'espace
    22 octobre 2005

    Un détective dans l'espace ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 7

    Chris' grandfather, Chuck, finds a way to teleport material objects to Sonic's world. The stuff is discovered by Vanilla and she asks the Chaotix Detective Agency to deliver it to Chris. She's also worried about her daughter Cream and she asks them t…

  • Sonic X 3x08 ● Le retour de Shadow
    29 octobre 2005 Avis

    Le retour de Shadow ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 8

    The episode opens with a dream from Chris, where he remembers the events of Space Colony ARK and the loss of Shadow. He is awakened by Tails who tells him he has just found the signal from a Chaos Emerald. Inside the Crimson Egg, Rouge returns to the…

  • Sonic X 3x09 ● Le vaisseau du mal
    5 novembre 2005 Avis

    Le vaisseau du mal ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 9

    The show opens with a fight involving a huge Metarex named Scarship and an armada of smaller ships. Scarship destroys every ship and he's assigned to a new mission: to destroy Sonic and Dr. Eggman. Inside the Blue Typhoon, everybody questions himself…

  • Sonic X 3x10 ● Le souterrain secret
    12 novembre 2005

    Le souterrain secret ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 10

    The show opens with a sequence inside Cosmo's ship and ends when Scarship (see previous episode) destroys it, leaving Cosmo alone. Then, we find out the Blue Typhoon's crew on a new planet. It seems that there's a Chaos Emerald nearby. Tails, Knuckle…

  • Sonic X 3x11 ● La base des Métarex
    19 novembre 2005

    La base des Métarex ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 11

    Dr. Eggman discovers that the last two Chaos Emeralds (Cyan and Yellow) are located inside a huge Metarex fortress. The Crimson Egg and the Blue Typhoon arrive on location at the same moment. Eggman suggests Sonic to put their efforts together in ord…

  • Sonic X 3x12 ● Sonic contre Shadow
    26 novembre 2005

    Sonic contre Shadow ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 12

    The fight between Sonic and Dark Oak starts. Sonic directly attacks Dark Oak, but he instantly disappears: it was a hologram. Outside the fortress, a Metarex armada, led by Red Pine, is approaching. Surprisingly, the Red Pine army begins to attack th…

  • Sonic X 3x13 ● Fête à bord du Typhon
    3 décembre 2005

    Fête à bord du Typhon ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 13

    The Blue Typhoon encounters the Chaotix ship. Once aboard the Typhoon, Vector and Espio explain that they lost themselves in space and that their radio got broken. Tails agrees to fix their ship and he warns them that he doesn't want any trouble on t…

  • Sonic X 3x14 ● Situation critique
    4 février 2006

    Situation critique ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 14

    The Blue Typhoon is pulled into the Intergalactic Cloister, a strange region of space. Eager to do battle, Metarex Commander Yellow Zelkova launches an attack on the Blue Typhoon. Sonic and Knuckles team up to fight him, finding that Zelkova is too p…

  • Sonic X 3x15 ● Le piège noir
    11 février 2006

    Le piège noir ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 15

    Sonic and friends come across a barren planet with 500 Chaos Emerald signals coming from it. Black Narcissus is inside, and sends a message to the Typhoon, a message that only Cosmo can understand. He then sets off fireworks, allowing Cosmo to escape…

  • Sonic X 3x16 ● Le rêve de Molly
    18 février 2006

    Le rêve de Molly ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 16

    While traveling through space, Dr. Eggman and his forces come across a group of humans battling the armada of Pale Bay Leaf. The two groups talk, and Shadow and Rouge get to know a human girl named Molly. After seeing Shadow in battle, Molly comes to…

  • Sonic X 3x17 ● La planète Marmolim
    25 février 2006

    La planète Marmolim ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 17

    In this episode, Sonic and the others find a meteor in space while searching for the Chaos Emeralds. Tails pulls it in, and they find it to actually be a space ship. Inside, small chao-like creatures called Marmolians are discovered and it is reveale…

  • Sonic X 3x18 ● Le tourbillon fatal
    4 mars 2006

    Le tourbillon fatal ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 18

    While traveling in the Galactic Cloister, the Blue Typhoon comes under attack from the Metarex fleet, led by the three surviving commanders and Dr. Eggman. Sonic attempts to attack from the Sonic Driver, but Dr. Eggman deploys a shield that not only …

  • Sonic X 3x19 ● Un coup de main incroyable
    11 mars 2006

    Un coup de main incroyable ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 19

    Following their battle with the Metarex fleet, Sonic and the gang are stranded on an alien planet with the Chaotix, who are running a cafe to pay for parts to their own ship. Dr. Eggman arrives looking for Sonic and the others, while Pale Bay Leaf wa…

  • Sonic X 3x20 ● Qui sont les Métarex ?
    18 mars 2006

    Qui sont les Métarex ? ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 20

    Yellow Zelkova attacks the Blue Typhoon, equipped with a special energy shield built by Dr. Eggman. Sonic attempts to stop him, but is unable to break through the shield. Picking up where they left off, Zelkova and Knuckles get into a fierce battle, …

  • Sonic X 3x21 ● Qu'arrive-t-il à Shadow ?
    1 avril 2006

    Qu'arrive-t-il à Shadow ? ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 21

    Shadow attacks the Blue Typhoon trying to kill Cosmo for reasons (at the time) unknown. Despite the efforts of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles to hold him off, Shadow reaches Cosmo. However, before he can harm her, Dark Oak's flagship arrives and steals th…

  • Sonic X 3x22 ● La planète perdue
    8 avril 2006

    La planète perdue ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 22

    When the team discovers that Cosmo's brain is emitting a signal to the Metarex, they plan on trying to eliminate the signal, except that the signal is connected to the part of her brain that translates sounds and sight. While Tails and Cosmo are torn…

  • Sonic X 3x23 ● Le jour des plantations
    15 avril 2006

    Le jour des plantations ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 23

    When Bokkun shows everyone Eggman's message (telling that the Metarex are starting to gather at galactic coordinates (0-0-0) because of a thousand-year prophecy), the gang starts lifting off to go beat the Metarex once and for all. Unfortunately, the…

  • Sonic X 3x24 ● Inquiétudes pour Sonic
    22 avril 2006

    Inquiétudes pour Sonic ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 24

    Amy tries to rescue Sonic from the watery planet, but everyone else keeps her back, trying to come up with another plan. Then, Rouge comes up with a brilliant idea: use the Master Emerald to cut off the energy supply to Dark Oak! The team charges up …

  • Sonic X 3x25 ● Cosmo à l'oeuvre
    29 avril 2006

    Cosmo à l'oeuvre ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 25

    When the giant seed finally reaches the final stage of its metamorphosis and starts sucking the life out of everyone except for Cosmo, she takes the Chaos Emeralds to Eggman, thinking that he'll know what to do. Unfortunately, Dark Oak attacks Cosmo,…

  • Sonic X 3x26 ● La renaissance des planètes
    6 mai 2006 Avis

    La renaissance des planètes ● Sonic X saison 3 épisode 26

    The episode starts off with Vanilla stopping by the Chaotix Detective Office to thank the Chaotix for all that they did for her and Cream. Amy and Cream then bring a whole bunch of snacks to Tails to try and cheer him up. (Note: This entire first par…

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