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Doctor Who Confidential ► Saison 6

La saison 6 de Doctor Who Confidential est composée de 13 épisodes. La saison 6 a été diffusée entre le 23 avril 2011 et le 1 octobre 2011 soit pendant 161 jours. La saison 6 n'est pas la dernière saison de la série télé Doctor Who Confidential qui est composée de 7 saisons.

  • Doctor Who Confidential 6x01 ● Coming to America
    23 avril 2011

    Coming to America ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 6 épisode 1

    Doctor Who Confidential travels Stateside with the cast and crew to show how Doctor Who created its very own American Dream. In Utah, Confidential follows the director's quest to find the perfect movie-style backdrop to one of the most ambitious s…

  • Doctor Who Confidential 6x02 ● Breaking the Silence
    30 avril 2011

    Breaking the Silence ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 6 épisode 2

    Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill take us on a wild west tour, deep in the heart of the American desert. The Doctor Who crew are filming in a very unusual location of super-size scale and Confidential covers the entire journey from the States to the st…

  • Doctor Who Confidential 6x03 ● Ship Ahoy!
    7 mai 2011

    Ship Ahoy! ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 6 épisode 3

    Doctor Who Confidential sets sail for a behind-the-scenes journey on board the Doctor Who pirate ship. Karen Gillan is a swinging success when she gets to grips with swash buckling and, with exclusive access to all areas of production, we find out…

  • Doctor Who Confidential 6x04 ● Bigger on the Inside
    14 mai 2011

    Bigger on the Inside ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 6 épisode 4

    Acclaimed fantasy author Neil Gaiman takes us on a personal tour of the Doctor's magical machine, and Confidential goes behind the scenes to find out what life is like on a junkyard planet.

  • Doctor Who Confidential 6x05 ● Double Trouble
    21 mai 2011

    Double Trouble ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 6 épisode 5

    Confidential follows the Doctor inside a mysterious medieval monastery to find out just what is going on with 'The Flesh'. We discover the truth behind Rory's latest love interest and learn the tricks about filming with doubles. We find out what it…

  • Doctor Who Confidential 6x06 ● Take Two
    28 mai 2011

    Take Two ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 6 épisode 6

    Confidential hangs out with the stars in the 'Tent of Fun' and takes a look at how filming with doppelgangers can mean double the trouble. We discover whether playing The Doctor has given Matt Smith an insight into another world, while writer Matthew…

  • Doctor Who Confidential 6x07 ● The Born Identity
    4 juin 2011

    The Born Identity ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 6 épisode 7

    Confidential goes behind the scenes for the epic series finale set on the asteroid, Demons Run. We discover how the Doctor Who team create the newest baddies, turn a small platoon of clerics into an army and transform an alley in Cardiff into Jack…

  • Doctor Who Confidential 6x08 ● River Runs Wild
    27 août 2011

    River Runs Wild ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 6 épisode 8

    Achtung! Explosions, vintage bikes, cornfields and time travel make for a mind-boggling start to the second batch of Doctor Who adventures.Confidential is back on set with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in 1930s Berlin. We hang out backstage with the ca…

  • Doctor Who Confidential 6x09 ● About a Boy
    3 septembre 2011

    About a Boy ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 6 épisode 9

    Series going behind the scenes of Doctor Who. Confidential is on location, presenting action from a 17th century estate in the Gloucestershire countryside and a high-rise housing estate in Bristol. The cast have a bit of a sing-song, there's a long n…

  • Doctor Who Confidential 6x10 ● What Dreams May Come
    10 septembre 2011

    What Dreams May Come ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 6 épisode 10

    Confidential is out and about with Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams). Can Karen get up to 100mph around one of the UK's fastest racetracks and can Arthur rise to the challenge of swimming in a tank of sharks? The team are als…

  • Doctor Who Confidential 6x11 ● Heartbreak Hotel
    17 septembre 2011

    Heartbreak Hotel ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 6 épisode 11

    Confidential is on set with David Walliams as he makes his Doctor Who debut. Find out what made writer Toby Whithouse set his latest Doctor adventure in a hotel with a difference and discover how to make heads turn in a room full of ventriloquist dum…

  • Doctor Who Confidential 6x12 ● Open All Hours
    24 septembre 2011

    Open All Hours ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 6 épisode 12

    Matt Smith is reunited with an old friend as James Corden returns as Craig, the Doctor's housemate. The pair discuss the merits of filming at night in a department store with baby co-stars. Radio 1 DJ Greg James also provides an insight into his came…

  • Doctor Who Confidential 6x13 ● When Time Froze
    1 octobre 2011

    When Time Froze ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 6 épisode 13

    Actress Alex Kingston provides an explanation of River Song's complex timeline with the Doctor, and The Script to Screen contest draws to a close with Death Is the Only Answer, a three-minute episode written by the pupils of Oakley Junior School in B…

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