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Doctor Who Confidential ► Saison 4

La saison 4 de Doctor Who Confidential est composée de 13 épisodes. La saison 4 a été diffusée entre le 5 avril 2008 et le 5 juillet 2008 soit pendant 91 jours. La saison 4 n'est pas la dernière saison de la série télé Doctor Who Confidential qui est composée de 7 saisons.

  • Doctor Who Confidential 4x01 ● A Noble Return
    5 avril 2008

    A Noble Return ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 4 épisode 1

    In the first of a new series, Confidential features the welcome return of Catherine Tate as the unstoppable Donna Noble and gets up close and personal with the Doctor's latest companion - from her first days on set through to her battle against an ar…

  • Doctor Who Confidential 4x02 ● The Italian Job
    12 avril 2008

    The Italian Job ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 4 épisode 2

    Doctor Who Confidential travels the long road to Rome to witness the making of The Doctor's latest volcanic voyage. Filming at the famous Cinecitta Studios, the production team face an Italian job of colossal proportions and Confidential is on set to…

  • Doctor Who Confidential 4x03 ● Oods and Ends
    19 avril 2008

    Oods and Ends ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 4 épisode 3

    The Confidential crew travel to the Ood Sphere to examine the return of the mysterious Ood to Doctor Who. They discover how a quarry in South West Wales in the middle of summer gets turned into a winter wonderland, and how David Tennant gets turned i…

  • Doctor Who Confidential 4x04 ● Send in the Clones
    26 avril 2008

    Send in the Clones ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 4 épisode 4

    Join Confidential, as we take you exclusively behind-the-scenes as Martha greets the Doctor again and meets his latest companion, Donna Noble. As confusion abounds, The Time Lord, Donna and Martha join forces in a battle to save the human race.

  • Doctor Who Confidential 4x05 ● Sontar-Ha!
    3 mai 2008

    Sontar-Ha! ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 4 épisode 5

    For the first time in over 20 years, the Sontarans are back as Confidential explores the return of the ultimate warrior race. We speak to David Tennant and Colin Baker and go behind the scenes to look at the explosive Sontaran Invasion against U.N.I.…

  • Doctor Who Confidential 4x06 ● Sins of the Fathers
    10 mai 2008

    Sins of the Fathers ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 4 épisode 6

    Confidential opens a new chapter in history as the Doctor's daughter makes an appearance; plus a look at the Doctor's generation time line, and why two Doctors can be better than one. Featuring exclusive backstage footage and interviews from Doctors …

  • Doctor Who Confidential 4x07 ● Nemesis
    17 mai 2008

    Nemesis ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 4 épisode 7

    Aired alongside 'The Unicorn and the Wasp' Join Confidential, become an armchair detective and find out exactly what goes into creating a classic murder mystery. Find out what it's like behind-the-scenes with such a big ensemble cast and discover …

  • Doctor Who Confidential 4x08 ● Shadow Play
    31 mai 2008

    Shadow Play ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 4 épisode 8

    Visit The Doctor and Donna on the set of the eerie Library Planet, as they confront the monsters of the Dark, the vicious Vashta Nerada We examine the shadowy creatures that even the Doctor is terrified of, how they are created, and how a disused …

  • Doctor Who Confidential 4x09 ● River Runs Deep
    7 juin 2008

    River Runs Deep ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 4 épisode 9

    Fresh from Stateside success and back in the UK to film her part in Doctor Who, Confidential talks to Alex Kingston and discovers more about her time travelling archaeologist River Song.

  • Doctor Who Confidential 4x10 ● Look Who's Talking
    14 juin 2008

    Look Who's Talking ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 4 épisode 10

    Doctor Who Confidential takes you behind the scenes of one the creepiest episodes of the series yet! As well as exclusive backstage footage, the show also reveals how the sound team put together the complicated soundscape of the hit show.

  • Doctor Who Confidential 4x11 ● Here Come the Girls
    21 juin 2008

    Here Come the Girls ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 4 épisode 11

    Behind-the-scenes look at the making of Doctor Who. The world is in crisis and there's only one person who can save it, but it's not who you might think. Witness the world without the Doctor, travels backstage with the TARDIS, and takes a stroll down…

  • Doctor Who Confidential 4x12 ● Friends and Foe
    28 juin 2008

    Friends and Foe ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 4 épisode 12

    A look at the history of TV's most popular alien monsters, the Daleks, from their creation 45 years ago to their latest incarnation. Plus, interviews with the show's biggest-ever collection of companions, and exclusive interviews with David Tennant, …

  • Doctor Who Confidential 4x13 ● The End of an Era
    5 juillet 2008

    The End of an Era ● Doctor Who Confidential saison 4 épisode 13

    It's the end of series four and Confidential goes behind the scenes as we see the Doctor's Arch Enemy bring the universe to the brink of extinction. Featuring interviews with David Tennant, Billie Piper, Catherine Tate, Freema Agyeman, Russell T D…

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