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La saison 2 de ReBoot est composée de 10 épisodes. La saison 2 n'est pas la dernière saison de la série animée ReBoot qui est composée de 4 saisons.

  • ReBoot 2x01 ● L'extension de mémoire

    L'extension de mémoire ● ReBoot saison 2 épisode 1

    During a system upgrade, Megabyte sneaks into the Principal Office and prepares to take over Mainframe, beginning with the destruction of the existing city.

  • ReBoot 2x02 ● Les maîtres de code

    Les maîtres de code ● ReBoot saison 2 épisode 2

    A Codemaster arrives in Mainframe, searching for another Codemaster. When the other being fails to come forward, the visitor begins tearing apart the city, searching for him.

  • ReBoot 2x03 ● Le choc des jeux

    Le choc des jeux ● ReBoot saison 2 épisode 3

    Megabyte sends Hack and Slash to extract energy from a game, so that he can use it to break into the system archives and steal a portal command. But to get enough energy, he extracts so much energy that the game crashes, causing the User to load anot…

  • ReBoot 2x04 ● Méchant bob

    Méchant bob ● ReBoot saison 2 épisode 4

    Megabyte's forces manage to sieze Mainframe's core energy, but when it becomes trapped in a game, Bob must get it back to the Principal Office before the game ends, or the entire system will go offline.

  • ReBoot 2x05 ● L'artiste à la fenêtre

    L'artiste à la fenêtre ● ReBoot saison 2 épisode 5

    After breaking into the archives and gaining control of the system Paint program, Hexadecimal wreaks havoc on Mainfram.

  • ReBoot 2x06 ● ANDRAIA

    ANDRAIA ● ReBoot saison 2 épisode 6

    Trapped in a game that seems impossible to win, Enzo befriends a game sprite names AndrAIa.

  • ReBoot 2x07 ● Nullzilla

    Nullzilla ● ReBoot saison 2 épisode 7

    When a mysterious monster comes out of Hexadecimal's looking glass and infects her, all the Nulls of Mainframe form a shield to protect Mainframe from her. But her attempts to break free devastate the city.

  • ReBoot 2x08 ● Gigabyte

    Gigabyte ● ReBoot saison 2 épisode 8

    The monster that attacked Hex goes after Megabyte, who, infected, merges with Hex. The two sibling viruses form Gigabyte, a supervirus. Mouse arrives to help defeat the new villain.

  • ReBoot 2x09 ● Trust No One

    Trust No One ● ReBoot saison 2 épisode 9

    When Mainframe's citizens disappear one by one, Bob and two CGI special agents investigate, only to find that the monster that attacked Hex and Megabyte has grown into a huge web creature. Mouse contacts the Guardian Calvalry, who set off a bomb in M…

  • ReBoot 2x10 ● Web World War

    Web World War ● ReBoot saison 2 épisode 10

    The web attacks Mainframe, and the good guys must team up with Megabyte and Hexadecimal to save the city. At the last moment, the viruses doublecross Bob, and shoot him into the web, leaving it up to Enzo, now a Guardian, to save Mainframe from Megab…

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