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UMD Gurumin : A Monstrous Adventure - PSP - UMD PSP /

Gurumin : A Monstrous Adventure - PSP

à propos du jeu vidéo

  • Format : UMD PSP
  • Prix public conseillé : 39,00€
  • Date de sortie : 16 mai 2007 Il y a 12 ans

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Rappel du synopsis

Gurumin is an action-RPG that puts you in the role of Parin, a young girl gifted with the ability to see ghosts. One day, while playing with spirits, an evil phantom kidnaps one of her friends. To save her friend from the clutches of the phantom, Parin must brave a massive adventure that will take her through forests, mountains, ruins, and caves. Players must guide Parin through a cute 3D world where almost everything you see is destructible. Even novices would enjoy the action, thanks to a beginner mode! The gameplay is varied, as players would clear dungeons, play mini games, and wear different costumes. This game was originally produced for PC, and has been enhanced for PSP.

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