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Les sorties romans US au deuxième semestre 2008

Les sorties romans US au deuxième semestre 2008 : Baxter, Bear, Joyce, Stross, Pratchett, Gaiman, Martin, Hamilton, Simmons...

Baxter, Bear, Joyce, Stross, Pratchett, Gaiman, Martin, Hamilton, Simmons...

Après celles du premier semestre, voici celles du second.
Légende: hc=grand format. tpb=poche
Juillet 2008
Abraham, Daniel • An Autumn War • (Tor, hc) Adams, John Joseph, ed. • Seeds of Change • (Wildside Press, tpb) Ashley, Mike, ed. • The Mammoth Book of Extreme Fantasy • (Running Press, tpb) Baxter, Stephen • Weaver • (Ace, hc) Bear, Elizabeth • Ink and Steel • (Roc, tpb) Bear, Greg • City at the End of Time • (Gollancz, hc/tpb) Brust, Steven • Jhegaala • (Tor, hc) Campbell, Ramsey • The Grin of the Dark • (Tor, hc) Cooper, Brenda • Reading the Wind • (Tor, hc) Disch, Thomas M. • The Word of God • (Tachyon Publications, tpb) Dozois, Gardner, ed. • The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-fifth Annual Collection • (St. Martin's, anth, hc) Edelman, David Louis • MultiReal • (Pyr, tpb) Flint, Eric, ed. • The Best of Jim Baen's Universe II • (Baen, tpb) Heinlein, Robert A. • Project Moonbase and Others: The Scripts of Robert A. Heinlein, Volume One • (Subterranean Press, nf, hc) Hoffman, Mary • Stravaganza: City of Secrets • (Bloomsbury USA, nvl-ya, hc) Joyce, Graham • The Exchange • (Penguin/Viking, nvl-ya, hc) Kress, Nancy • Dogs • (Tachyon Publications, tpb) Martin, George R. R. • Starlady and Fast-Friend • (Subterranean Press, cln, hc) McMullen, Sean • The Time Engine • (Tor, hc) Nix, Garth • The Keys to the Kingdom, Book 6: Superior Saturday • (HarperCollins Children's Books UK, nvl-ya, tpb) Nix, Garth • The Keys to the Kingdom, Book 6: Superior Saturday • (Scholastic, nvl-ya, hc) Novik, Naomi • Victory of Eagles • (Ballantine Del Rey, hc) Sedia, Ekaterina • The Alchemy of Stone • (Prime Books, tpb) Smith, Sherwood • King's Shield • (DAW, hc) Stross, Charles • Saturn's Children • (Ace, hc) Stross, Charles • Saturn's Children • (Orbit, hc) Uncle River • Camp Desolation and an Eschatalogy of Salt • (PS Publishing, nva, hc) Vance, Jack • The Jack Vance Reader • (Subterranean Press, cln, hc) Wu, Frank, & Jay Lake, eds. • The Exquisite Corpuscle • (Fairwood Press, anth, tpb) Août 2008
Barclay, James • Ravensoul • (Gollancz, hc/tpb) Bear, Elizabeth • Hell and Earth • (Roc, tpb) Bear, Greg • City at the End of Time • (Ballantine Del Rey, hc) Beckett, Chris • The Turing Test • (Elastic Press, cln, tpb) Bova, Ben • Mars Life • (Tor, hc) Buckell, Tobias S. • Sly Mongoose • (Tor, hc) Budrys, Algis, ed. • L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume XXIV • (Galaxy, anth) Duncan, Dave • Ill Met in the Arena • (Tor, hc) Ellis, Warren • Listener • (Morrow, hc) Frost, Gregory • Lord Tophet • (Ballantine Del Rey, tpb) Haldeman, Joe • Marsbound • (Ace, hc) Horton, Rich, ed. • Space Opera 2 • (Prime Books, tpb) Hoyt, Sarah A. • Soul of Fire • (Bantam Spectra) Hughes, Matthew • Hespira • (Night Shade Books, hc) Kelly, James Patrick • Wreck of the Godspeed and Other Stories • (Golden Gryphon Press, cln, hc) MacLeod, Ken • The Night Sessions • (Orbit, hc) Merril, Judith • Not Only a Woman • (NESFA Press, hc) Morgan, Richard • The Steel Remains • (Gollancz, hc) Palmer, Philip • Ketos • (Orbit US, tpb) Palmer, Philip • Ketos • (Orbit, tpb) Resnick, Mike • Stalking the Vampire • (Pyr, hc) Rosenbaum, Benjamin • The Ant King and Other Stories • (Small Beer Press, cln, tpb) Royle, Nick • The Enigma of Departure • (PS Publishing, nva, hc) Scalzi, John • Zoe's Tale • (Tor, hc) Schroeder, Karl • Pirate Sun • (Tor, hc) Schubert, Edmund R., & Orson Scott Card, eds. • Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show, Volume One • (Tor, anth, tpb) Shawl, Nisi • Filter House • (Aqueduct Press, cln, tpb) Shepard, Lucius • The Best of Lucius Shepard • (Subterranean Press, cln, hc) Swanwick, Michael • The Best of Michael Swanwick • (Subterranean Press, cln, hc) VanderMeer, Jeff, & Ann Kennedy, eds. • Best American Fantasy 2 • (Prime Books, anth, tpb) Septembre 2008
Baker, Kage • House of the Stag • (Tor, hc) Bisson, Terry • Billy's Book • (PS Publishing, cln, hc) Brooks, Terry • The Gypsy Morph • (Ballantine Del Rey, hc) Brooks, Terry • The Gypsy Morph • (Orbit, hc) Czerneda, Julie E. • Riders of the Storm • (DAW, hc) Doctorow, Cory • Content: Selected Essays on Technology, Creativity, Copyright, and the Future of the Future • (Tachyon Publications, nf, tpb) Erikson, Steven • Toll the Hounds • (Tor, hc) Ford, Jeffrey • The Night Whiskey • (Eos, cln, tpb) Hamilton, Peter F. • Misspent Youth • (Ballantine Del Rey, hc) Kaye, Marvin, ed. • The Ghost Quartet • (Tor, anth, hc) Kearney, Paul • The Ten Thousand • (Solaris) Kearney, Paul • The Ten Thousand • (Solaris US) Lane, Joel • The Witnesses are Gone • (PS Publishing, hc) Lee, Sharon, & Steve Miller • Duainfey • (Baen, hc) Link, Kelly • The Wrong Grave and Other Stories • (Viking, cln, hc) Lynch, Scott • The Republic of Thieves • (Bantam Spectra, hc) Mamatas, Nick • You May Sleep • (Prime Books, cln, hc) Marillier, Juliet • Cybele's Secret • (Knopf, nvl-ya, hc) McKillip, Patricia A. • The Bell at Sealey Head • (Ace, hc) McKinley, Robin • Chalice • (Putnam, nvl-ya, hc) November, Sharyn, ed. • Firebirds Soaring • (Firebird, anth, hc) Paolini, Christopher • Brisingr • (Knopf, nvl-ya, hc) Pratchett, Terry • Nation • (Doubleday UK, hc) Roberson, Jennifer • The Wild Road • (DAW, hc) Ryman, Geoff • The King's Last Song • (Small Beer Press, tpb) Sapkowski, Andrzej • Blood of Elves • (Gollancz, hc/tpb) Stephenson, Neal • Anathem • (Morrow, hc) Teppo, Mark • Lightbreaker • (Night Shade Books) Wilce, Ysabeau S. • Flora's Dare • (Harcourt, nvl-ya, hc) Williams, Liz • Winterstrike • (Tor UK, hc) Wolfe, Gene • An Evil Guest • (Tor, hc) Youmans, Marly • Val/Orson • (PS Publishing, nva, hc) Octobre 2008
Aiken, Joan • The Armitage Family Stories • (Small Beer Press, cln, hc) Anders, Lou, ed. • Fast Forward 2 • (Pyr, tpb) Asher, Neal • The Gabble and Other Stories • (Tor UK, cln, hc) Bradbury, Ray • Masks • (Gauntlet Press, cln, hc) Brown, Eric • Necropath • (Solaris) Carver, Jeffrey A. • Sunborn • (Tor, hc) Dann, Jack, ed. • Dreaming Again: 35 New Stories Celebrating the Wild Side of Australian Fiction • (Eos, anth, tpb) Dann, Jack • The Economy of Light • (PS Publishing, hc) Datlow, Ellen, Kelly Link & Gavin Grant, eds. • The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2008: Twenty-first Annual Collection • (St. Martin's, hc) Disch, Thomas M. • The Wall of America • (Tachyon Publications, cln, tpb) Fenner, Cathy, & Arnie Fenner, eds. • Spectrum 15: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art • (Underwood Books, art, hc) Flynn, Michael • January Dancer • (Tor, hc) Gaiman, Neil • The Graveyard Book • (HarperCollins, nvl-ya, hc) Gevers, Nick, ed. • Extraordinary Engines: The Definitive Steampunk Anthology • (Solaris) Gevers, Nick, ed. • Extraordinary Engines: The Definitive Steampunk Anthology • (Solaris, anth, tpb) Hammond, Warren • Ex-KOP • (Tor, hc) Jones, Stephen, ed. • The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror: Volume Nineteen • (Running Press, tpb) Joyce, Graham • Ascent of Demons • (Gollancz, hc/tpb) Klages, Ellen • White Sands, Red Menace • (Penguin/Viking, nvl-ya, hc) Lanagan, Margo • Tender Morsels • (Knopf, nvl-ya, hc) Lansdale, Joe R., & John Lansdale • Hell's Bounty • (Subterranean Press, hc) Larbalestier, Justine • How to Ditch Your Fairy • (Bloomsbury USA, nvl-ya, hc) Martin, George R. R. • A Dance with Dragons • (Bantam Spectra, hc) McAuley, Paul • The Quiet War • (Gollancz, hc/tpb) McCaffrey, Todd • Dragonheart • (Bantam UK, hc) McIntosh, Fiona • Soul Promise • (HarperVoyager, hc) Ore, Rebecca • Centuries Ago and Very Fast • (Aqueduct Press, cln, tpb) Pratchett, Terry • Nation • (HarperCollins, nvl-ya, hc) Sanderson, Brandon • The Hero of Ages • (Tor, hc) Slattery, Brian Francis • Liberation • (Tor, hc) Strahan, Jonathan, ed. • Eclipse Two • (Night Shade Books, anth, tpb) VanderMeer, Jeff, & Ann Kennedy, eds. • Fast Ships, Black Sails • (Night Shade Books, anth, tpb) Walton, Jo • Half a Crown • (Tor, hc) Novembre 2008
Baxter, Stephen • The H-Bomb Girl • (Night Shade Books, nvl-ya, hc) Beagle, Peter S. • We Never Talk About My Brother • (Tachyon Publications, cln, tpb) Bear, Elizabeth • All the Windwracked Stars • (Tor, hc) Blaylock, James P. • The Adventures of Langdon St. Ives • (Subterranean Press, hc) Buckner, M. M. • Watermind • (Tor, hc) Card, Orson Scott • Ender in Exile • (Tor, hc) Gaiman, Neil • Odd and the Frost Giants • (HarperCollins, nvl-ya, hc) Hamilton, Laurell K. • Swallowing Darkness • (Ballantine, hc) Holdstock, Robert • Avilion • (Gollancz, hc/tpb) Joyce, Graham • How to Make Friends with Demons • (Night Shade Books, hc) Lerner, Edward M. • Fools' Experiments • (Tor, hc) Lindskold, Jane • Thirteen Orphans • (Tor, hc) McCaffrey, Todd • Dragonheart • (Ballantine Del Rey, hc) McDevitt, Jack • The Devil's Eye • (Ace, hc) Miéville, China • Kraken • (Tor UK, hc) Pratt, T. A. • Dead Reign • (Bantam Spectra) Priest, Cherie • Fathom • (Tor, hc) Self, Will • The Undivided Self • (Bloomsbury USA, cln, hc) Shinn, Sharon • Fortune and Fate • (Ace, hc) Steele, Allen • The Last Science Fiction Writer • (Subterranean Press, cln, hc) Swainston, Steph • Above the Snowline • (Gollancz, hc/tpb) Updike, John • The Widows of Eastwick • (Knopf, hc) Décembre 2008
Barzak, Christopher • The Love We Share Without Knowing • (Bantam Spectra, tpb) Blaylock, James P. • Knights of the Cornerstone • (Ace, hc) Butcher, Jim • Princeps' Fury • (Ace, hc) Carl, Lillian Stewart, & Martin H. Greenberg, eds. • The Bujold Companion • (Baen, nf, hc) Clarke, Arthur C., & Frederik Pohl • The Last Theorem • (Ballantine Del Rey, hc) Devereux, David • Eagle Rising • (Gollancz, hc/tpb) Furey, Maggie • Heritage • (Gollancz, hc/tpb) Irvine, Alex • Mystery Hill • (PS Publishing, nva, hc) Lake, Jay • Madness of Flowers • (Night Shade Books, tpb) Lloyd, Tom • The Grave Thief • (Gollancz, hc/tpb) Martin, George R. R., ed. • Wild Cards: Busted Flush • (Tor, anth, hc) Palmer, Stephen • Urbis Morpheos • (PS Publishing, hc) Phillips, Holly • The Engine's Child • (Ballantine Del Rey, tpb) Priest, Cherie • Those Who Remain There Still • (Subterranean Press, hc) Resnick, Mike • Starship: Rebel • (Pyr, hc) Simmons, Dan • Muse of Fire • (Subterranean Press, hc) Witcover, Paul • Everland and Other Stories • (PS Publishing, cln, hc) sources: http://www.locusmag.com/ForthcomingBooks.html

Auteur : Manu B.
Publié le vendredi 30 mai 2008 à 12h00

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